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Lisahh-Jayne turns 1!

April 23, 2012

So today my little blog turns 1! A whole year has passed since I decided to set up my little blog, and I honestly didn’t think I’d still be posting now a year on! I set up my blog as I was a bored student with too much time on my hands. That and I enjoyed reading all your beauty blogs and wanted to give it a go myself! I’m so please I’ve kept this blog up, even though it’s been quiet at times due to me being at uni and currently living under mountains of work! Through my little blog I’ve ‘met’ some amazing people, had some great chats over Twitter, and most importantly enjoyed every minute of blogging.

My blogs only been around a year but I’ve gained 123 followers, 400 twitter followers, and nearly 20,000 page views, which might not seem a lot compared to some blogs, but I think it’s amazing that that many of you want to read my rambles, and are still reading! So a massive massive massive thank you to all of you! 

P.S. I’ll be back to blogging soon, handing in the last of this years uni work next week so regular blogging will be back after that 🙂


14 responses to “Lisahh-Jayne turns 1!”

  1. Louise Joy says:

    Happy Blog Birthday 😉 😀 xxx

  2. Jess says:

    Happy blog birthday, so glad you started to blog 365 days ago … because I feel like I've found an awesome friend 🙂 <3 *soppy comment* x

  3. xXxStundonxXx says:

    Happy blog birthday! x

  4. Danielle Rose says:

    Happy blog birthday! I'm looking forward to you having you back blogging regualarly. xxxx

  5. Emily says:

    happy blog birthday! xx

  6. ZoeLou says:

    Hello lovely, i love your blog so i have awarded you with the Liebster Award!check it out on

  7. Gina says:

    Love your blog! New follower, please follow back. Thanks!

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