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My Business Cards

July 8, 2012

I never had much of an opinion of bloggers getting business cards, I didn’t really understand the concept. In my opinion business cards were for people like my dad, who had a role in a company and needed business cards to professionally promote themselves. I didn’t really see how it would work in the blogging world until I went to the recent TOWIB event.  Everyone was swapping details of their blogs and Twitter’s and I was just having to write down mine on scraps of paper for everyone. So I decided I should give in and invest in some business cards for my blog. The lovely Bex said I should take a look at MOO, where she got hers, and after some fiddiling around I came out with these..

When it came to the photo on the front of the card I decided to go with my blogs header. I spent ages working on getting my header just the way I’ve wanted it (with some help from the Photoshop whiz boyfriend), and because of this I want people to recognize it and remember my blog. When it came to the back of the card I just went with my name, my blog URL and then my other contact details, along with the pattern of my blog header down the side. When it came to price, I paid around the Β£20 mark for 50 cards – including Β£2 more for the rounded corners. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they turned up – within a week of ordering them! They also came in a smart little card holder! I’ve had these cards for a couple of weeks now and so far I’ve only given out one to my mum, so I still have 49 left to give out and ‘network’ with.

What do you think of business cards?

Do you have any?


11 responses to “My Business Cards”

  1. Ying says:

    awwws your business card looks lovely πŸ™‚ I really like the design. I have been looking into creating some business cards too. Thanks for website, it looks really fun and easy to design them.

  2. xXxStundonxXx says:

    Awwr these are lovely Lisa! I'd like to get some but can't justify Β£20 at the mo x

  3. Danielle Rose says:

    I have some from Moo! They aren't ascute as yours though! x

  4. abigail robyn says:

    These are super cute! When I was at the Vintage Nation One Day Festival everyone was swapping their business cards!

  5. Rachael says:

    They look so nice and professional – I love the shabby chic slice down the side. I've been wanting business cards for a while but I have no idea why i'd need them or who i'd give them too lol

  6. Emmas Channel says:

    I'm going to have to have a look at these. I need to get some business cards for the new year, I think that there will be plenty of opportunities coming up hopefully.So, yours look absolutely fantastic! xxx

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