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The Sunday Post #20 – I Own Too Many Lipsticks

January 4, 2015

In my dressing table I have three compartments, one for face products, one for eye products, and one for lip products. Recently I noticed the one for lip products was getting a little full, so decided to give it bit of a clear out when I realised why it seemed so full, I own far too many lipsticks. I’m not quite sure when or how this happened, especially as I’m not someone who wears lipstick everyday, so it seems a tad ridiculous that I have around 50 lipsticks! 

When I was going through my lipstick compartment I found loads of old favourites that I’d forgotten about, products like lip crayons that I was once upon a time obsessed with, Benefit’s Lollitint which I loved, and the Rimmel Apocalips. How could I forget about all these lipsticks I once loved! Everytime I’ve bought a new lipstick it’s been stuck at the front of the collection, meaning my old favourites have found themselves to the back and have been completely forgotten about. I felt so bad about my poor neglected lipsticks that I’ve given my lipstick collection a good reshuffle to remind myself of some of my older lipsticks. As it’s the new year I’ve given myself a kind of beauty new years resolution to wear more of my lipsticks, and as I’m on my spending ban I won’t be buying anymore at least! 

I seriously can’t believe how many lipsticks I’ve got that I’ve just forgotten about, and I dread to think how much money I’ve spent! Are you like me and are bit of a lipstick hoarder? Or have you got your stash under control?


3 responses to “The Sunday Post #20 – I Own Too Many Lipsticks”

  1. beautyqueenuk says:

    You can never have too many lipsticks x

  2. Charli Bruce says:

    Lisa, 50 lipsticks? Too many? That's how many I find in my handbag! Haha! I kid you not I have an embarrassingly large lipstick collection, I'm talking boxes upon boxes… Over 1000! You can never, ever, ever have too many lipsticks. Although I really should sort mine out and get rid of a lot of them xxCharli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  3. Heather Nixon says:

    I am definitely a lipstick…well makeup hoarder too! xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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