The Sunday Post #23 – Cats The Musical

Yesterday it was Chris’s birthday, and as his birthday fell on a weekend we decided to have a day out to celebrate. Being only 40 minutes away from central London we thought we could have trip into the city and do something fun. Something we’ve talked about for ages is about going to see Cats The Musical, I saw it once when I was a little girl and being a cat lover of course I love it. So as one of Chris’s birthday presents I bought him tickets to see Cats The Musical, but secretly it was a present for me..

As we were going in on a Saturday we decided to see the matinee performance, meaning we could then go get some dinner afterwards and not be in a rush. Cats was performing at the London Palladium, which is a gorgeous theatre, and super easy to get to just off Oxford Street. The musical was amazing, I know the story line fairly well so I sat singing along to a few of the songs. The dancers were amazing, and I love watching how cat like they perform. When I booked our tickets I didn’t know Nicole Scherzinger would be performing, but she was absolutely amazing as Grizabella, definitely worth seeing if you get the chance! Cats the Musical is only back for a short time, until the end of April I believe, so make sure you get tickets if you’re a big Cats fan like me! I’m glad I went to see it again, especially as the last time I was it I was about 7! 


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  1. Milly Youngman
    January 25, 2015 / 10:59 pm

    I really want to see Cats! Although apparently availability for it with Nicole in is really low now, she finishes early Feb 🙁 But I might well go and see it before it ends anyway! Glad you have a good time! :)Milly // Mini Adventures

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