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Three Things I Love About My Favourite City

January 26, 2015

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m obsessed with New York, completely and utterly obsessed. For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with the city, and I was so happy when I visited my favourite city in 2009. I remember planning my trip in amazing detail, especially as I was only there for a few days! Despite my trip now being 6 years ago (sob), and being a rather short visit, I still found many things I love about the city and I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.

The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is an iconic part of the Manhattan sky line, standing out from most of the buildings. While I was in New York I enjoyed seeing it light up at night, once being bright blue when the Yankees won. I planned to go to the top of the Empire State but I ran out of time, but I did get the chance to go to the Rockefeller where I got a great view of the Empire State, and took this photo!

The Statue Of Liberty

Another iconic landmark is the Statue of Liberty situated on Ellis Island. Despite being a huge New York fan I only recently found out that it was originally from France.. I’ve never been good at history. I thought Lady Liberty looked beautiful as I sailed past her on the Hudson river, and luckily we picked a lovely clear day to do so!

The Yellow Taxis 

I loved seeing the yellow taxi’s everywhere in New York, but as they can be rather pricey I only used one to get back to the airport on my last day. I thought they added a great splash of colour to the city, and they made me feel rather cheerful, so I spent hours photographing them. I loved them so much that I edited this photo of them, and made it into a canvas hanging above my bed so I remind myself of my favourite city everyday. 

I like reminding myself why I love New York, filling my room with photos of the city, and I even seem to always watch TV shows based in the city. I’m planning on saving up so I can visit again one day, but I’m the worst person at saving money so you can probably guess how that’s going…

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2 responses to “Three Things I Love About My Favourite City”

  1. Kate A says:

    I'm going next year! So excited!

  2. jess ica says:

    I've been twice and loved it so much. I think my favourite thing was going to the Top of the Rock and of course, the christmas decorations & times square! SO MUCH love for NYC! xx

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