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Mason Drinking Jar Glasses

May 28, 2015

Although I’ve still not quite got a moving date for the flat, I can’t resist picking up little housey things. So far I’ve collected about a million cushions, several pretty signs, and a breadmaker. You know, the practical things. Although we’ve got loads of pretty little bits for the flat, we don’t have the basics like plates, or cups, so I have no idea what we’ll do when we move in. While I’m still picking up pretty things rather than things I need, I spotted these Mason Jar Drinking Glasses and knew I just had to have them!

I’ve wanted a mason jar for ages now, and these cute glasses are from Drink Stuff. What I like most about them is that they are double walled making them not only look pretty, but ensuring your drink stays colder for longer. The handle and straw make them comfortable to drink from, whilst still looking stylish. I love making pretty looking drinks in these, and sticking slices of lemon or strawberries in them. 

I think these will look fantastic for drinking cocktails out of in the summer whilst I sit out on my balcony. Not only do these look pretty, but they only cost £9.99 for a pack of 4, or if you’re looking for more, £49.99 for 24 – perfect for parties!  

I can’t stop drinking out of these, anything from a glass of Diet Coke, to iced tea, or to even just a glass of water. I just love these so much. I really want to get a matching drinks dispenser to go with these, perfect for those summer days.

*Product gifted to me but all opinions are my own.

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5 responses to “Mason Drinking Jar Glasses”

  1. Ellie - Pinkie Prim says:

    These are perfect! I feel like I've been on an endless hunt for affordable and good quality mason jars, I'll have to get these! Great post 🙂

  2. Kristina Suzanne says:

    They are lovely! I keep seeing mason drinking jars in supermarkets but they are always coloured. I prefer the clear ones personally! Great to know I can pick these up and they seem really good value for money too! Winner! Kristina

  3. Kitty Kaos says:

    I love these me and my Mr have some awesome jam jar mason type jars we have been using for cocktails for ages but the handle looks way better x Miss Kitty Kaos (Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl)

  4. Kim Carberry says:

    Aha! I won some of these in a blog giveaway a few weeks ago and we love them….Don't drink the cocktails too fast out of them though….I suffered a huge hangover after drinking out of them….hehehe x

  5. Curiouser and Curiouser says:

    I love mason jars! I need these in my life! x

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