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Cambridge Craft Parties – Flower Crowns

June 3, 2015

On Sunday I drove over to Cambridge to meet up with my new friends Laura and Pippa and spend a rainy afternoon at a Cambridge Craft Party hosted at Rhode Island. We spent the afternoon learning to make flower crowns and nattering over the most amazing milkshakes. I love doing anything crafty, and this sounded like a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Once I arrived I spotted Laura and Pippa, and we went to order a few drinks. I ordered a salted caramel one, and seriously, just look how amazing they look! 

Once we arrived and sat down with our liquid ice creams milkshakes we were greeted by Claire, and talked us through exactly how to make our flower crowns. There was a choice of large and small flowers, as well as greenery to use for our flower crowns in a wide range of colours. I picked pink, white and blue small flowers, as well as a few leaves for mine. 

To make the flower crown we had some wire we had to measure around our heads, and then stick together with tape. You’d then use a hot glue gun to stick your flowers to the wire, which was great fun! I don’t think I’ve used a glue gun since I was at middle school, and now I really want one! 

I was actually surprised how easy it was to create, I thought it would have been really complicated. It was great fun to be creative with the arrangement of the flowers, and I’m really pleased how mine turned out.

I love it so much, I think I’ll be wearing it all summer! And to think it was so simple to make. I’m tempted to make a whole bunch of them now I know how to. I loved how everyone’s flower crowns looked so different, and how everyone came up with different ideas on how to use the flowers. 

I had such a fun afternoon and it was lovely to see Laura and Pippa again, and to chat to a bunch of other crafty people! I’ll definitely be attending another Cambridge Craft Party, and I’m tempted to head back to Rhode Island just for another of those milkshakes… 

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4 responses to “Cambridge Craft Parties – Flower Crowns”

  1. Laura C says:

    Yay it was lovely to see you again too… and I think those milkshakes were a perfect substitute since we couldn't have cocktails this time around!! xLaura | Loved By Laura

  2. LyndseyJ says:

    Wow that looks like such a good day, I love floral crowns, they all look

  3. Claire AKA Claireabellemakes says:

    I commented but not sure it saved! Thanks so much for coming along Lisa and for sharing your experience of the day. I am so glad you enjoyed it and you got to have a yummy milkshake too. I think everyone did an amazing job with their crowns and I hope you get to wear it all summer! See you again soon xx

  4. Sophie Blumenthal says:

    Sounds like the perfect event, flower crowns and yummy milkshakes? MM.Sophie x

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