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October Goals

October 6, 2015

I love October, I think it’s one of my favourite months. It’s where everything starts feeling like autumn, and things start to get colder. Now that I have my own flat I can’t wait to start buying cosy blankets, and dare I say it, getting ready for Christmas! 

Similar to last month I’ve set myself a few little goals. Here’s what I want to achieve in October:

Lose half a stone

I briefly mentioned in my September goals revisited post that I’ve joined Slimming World. I started off really well, but I’ve had a few slip ups as well. I don’t have many big plans for the rest of October so I’m hoping to be able to stick to the plan 100% and hopefully achieve my half a stone award. 

Read two books 

I set myself this goal last month, but only managed to read one book. This month I want to actually achieve this!

Get into a regular gym routine

Since my mud run I’ve had bit of a rest as it was quite a physical challenge on myself, which means I’ve got out of the habit from my usual gym routine. I want to get back into visiting the gym regularly, and hopefully build up my strength. 

Finish my current knitting project

At the moment I’m working on a big knitting project, and I’m quite slow at finishing my crafty projects. This month I want to be able to finish what I’m currently working on, mostly so I can start on my Christmas crafts!

Try some new recipes

Last month I got to grips with cooking regularly, but my skills are rather basic. I want to try a few new recipes and hopefully improve my cooking skills! 

That’s what I want to achieve this month, is there anything you want to achieve in October?

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One response to “October Goals”

  1. Jess | Just Jesss says:

    You have some lovely goals for October, good luck with achieving them! :)Jess xo

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