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Faith In Nature Shampoo & Conditioner Review

November 18, 2015

Recently I’ve been thinking more about the sorts of
chemicals and parabens I’m putting into my body. I’m generally trying to be a
lot healthier, and it can be a little scary when you look up what some of the
chemicals that are in your shampoo’s etc can do! I have fairly sensitive skin,
particularly on my scalp where it can get very dry and flakey. I never used to
think much of it as it wasn’t too obvious to anyone else, but on reading what
your everyday shampoos and conditioners can do, I thought I’d step away from
them and try something a little more natural and organic to see if it made much
of a difference.

I don’t know much about organic or natural products, or
where to start looking for them, but a friend recommend I looked at the Faith
in Nature range from
so I thought I’d look a little more into what they do.

Faith in Nature seaweed and citrus shampoo provides vitamins
and minerals to the hair and scalp, leaving your hair super shiny and looking
healthy. It’s developed with beneficial aromatherapy oils to nourish the hair
and scalp, using natures ingredients rather than parabens and SLES. It’s also
free from artificial preservatives or colours, as well as being pH balanced and vegan friendly.

Since using these I’ve noticed my hair feels a lot
healthier, and I don’t seem to have any problems with my flakey scalp that I
used to. Not only that but my hair is so much shinier and softer than it’s been
before, and I really can’t stop touching it. I’m not sure if the fact this is more organic and natural, but it seems to have really made a difference since using it, it’s certainly something I’ll be looking into more!

Have you tried any natural or organic shampoos before? Do you think it makes a difference? 

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One response to “Faith In Nature Shampoo & Conditioner Review”

  1. Sal on Toast says:

    I have tried Faith in Nature Shampoo before and it's realllly nice. Thanks for the reminder about them … I need to buy some new shampoo! 🙂

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