Preparing For Christmas Gifts and Parties*

With Christmas less than a month away, it’s safe to say it’s
pretty close now. With only a few weeks to go it’s time to start fully
preparing for the big day, organising my Christmas shopping, and have a few
Christmas parties along the way. I’m always a pretty last minute person when it
comes to Christmas gifts, even now it’s the end of November and I’ve not bought
a single gift, oops.

I don’t know what it is about Christmas shopping, but it
makes me panic. When buying gifts for everyone I always feel like it has to be
extra special. If you go into any shop around Christmas time you’ll find
hundreds of gift sets, so there’s no shortage of ideas. Something I like to do
is to is to make my own gifts for everyone. It started one year when I was
unemployed as a way to save money on gifts, but then I found that everyone
really enjoyed my homemade presents so I’ve started to create more. The only
down side to creating homemade gifts, is you have to start preparing them quite
far in advance. I’ve only made a few so far, so I need to get a move on!

Of course there’s not just Christmas gifts to think of at
this time of year, but Christmas parties! I’ve got most of my Friday and
Saturday nights booked up in December for Christmas parties and get togethers
with my friends. Instead of going out for dinners and having big parties, my
friends and I like having little get togethers over dinner and mulled wine
while we exchange gifts.

When I have my friends over to mine I always make sure my
flat is looking super pretty and festive. As well as decking the (halls) whole
place out in tinsel and fairy lights, I find a huge bunch of flowers can make the place look really
cosy and warm, making any home look very festive.

 Do you have anything
you like to use or make to prepare for Christmas? What’s your favourite thing
about gifts and parties? 

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