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Christmas Gift Guide #5 – Beauty Gifts

December 24, 2015

It’s now less than 2 weeks to Christmas! If you’re yet
to get all your presents then have a look at the handy guides for
Foodie Gifts and gifts specifically For Him. If you’re trying to figure out
what to get the woman who loves make-up and all things beauty then hopefully
this guide will give you plenty of ideas. 

 Magazine search – prices start at £1.99

Every beauty lover likes to relax with a magazine and
coffee while their toe nails dry. If nothing else it’s a good excuse to sit
down and relax during this crazily busy season. There’s a huge variety of
magazines so you’ll definitely be able to find one they’d like. It doesn’t have
to be about beauty; choose one on an interest they have, such as fitness or
travel. If you do want a beauty one, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Glamour
are popular with most women.

Lip balms –
prices vary depending on shop

What woman doesn’t need lip balm, right? Remember,
there’s all that mistletoe around so they’ll need to look after their lips.
Even if they’ll be staying clear of kissing, they will need to protect their
lips from the chilly weather. You can find lots of cute lip balms or lip sets
these days and they often come in quirky packaging that makes them look extra
special. There are tinted and flavoured ones but if you’re unsure pick a
standard flavoured one. Oooh, and you can easily pick one up in most shops.

Lip and Nail Duo – £25

get the best value for your money try gift bags or duo/trio sets. The price is often
reduced around this time of year and most brands bring out their own Christmas
ones, so find the shop/brand they like and be spoilt for choice! Things like
nail and lip duos are particularly popular at the moment (nail varnish and lipstick/gloss
does compete your party outfit look after all). If you’re unsure of which
colour would be best go for a seasonal one like red. Red products and treats
are perfect
romantic Christmas
gifts for her
FYI, if you’re shopping for your girlfriend or wife.

Compact mirrors
decorating ideas –

What does a woman always need? A mirror! We all have plenty
for around the house but the times when we really need one is when we’re on our
way to a meeting or heading out on the town and have touch ups to do or smudged
eyeliner to correct. She will undoubtedly find it handy and it will get no end amount
of use. If you wanted to add a personal touch, you could have their name or a message
engraved on it, or decorate it yourself if you’re crafty.

Eye shadow
palettes – prices vary depending on shop

To get them something that will get a lot of use and
be great for different occasions, go for an eye shadow palette.  You can never have too many eye shadow
colours and every year brands bring out different colour ranges. Choose the colour
and finish based on what they like to wear on their eyes or as clothes. If they
like glittery or sparkly things then glitter eyeshadow is a must. If they
prefer non-glittery colours and tend to wear neutral or plain colours then a
set or brown shades or matte colours will be perfect.

For an all-round pleaser, get them a gift card/voucher
for an amount within your budget. If you know a particular brand they love or
shop they regularly go to, get one from there. Alternatively, buy one from a
general store that stocks a lot of brands. They can then treat themselves to
whatever they like! Everyone’s happy!

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