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Evening Entertainment To Beat The Winter Blues

January 24, 2016

January’s not the best time of year for many of us in the UK. It’s cold
outside and all those lovely summer evenings where we met our friends down at
the pub after work seem like a distant memory. The excitement of the build-up
to Christmas and New Year and the socialising around the festive period is well
and truly over and half the people you know will be doing a dry-athlon and so
won’t be going out.

Still, there are some upsides to this. As everyone tends to be in
hibernation mode in January, it’s not a bad month to save some money and stay
in – especially as most of our bank balances could probably do with some time
to recover from Christmas overspending. The question is, what can you do for
entertainment during these dreary winter evenings without spending too much?

Organise a girls’ night in

You’re probably not the only one who’s feeling the pinch at the moment, so
why not suggest a girls’ night in with some friends. That way, you can still
meet up and enjoy each other’s company but not put a big dent in your wallets.
Start the evening off with a winter warmer meal that you’ve prepared ahead of
time – such as chilli and rice or a big lasagne – and then have some
fun ideas for entertainment lined up.

For instance, you could all try your luck at online bingo – playing at one
of the many bingo sites like 32Red, Gala or Tidy Bingo. At 32Red, new players
get £5 free to play with when they first register and then an extra cash bonus
when they make a first deposit – 
here for more info
. In the world of online bingo, where games only
cost pennies to play, the welcome bonus can provide you with plenty of great
value entertainment.

Part of the fun of playing bingo is that there’s no effort involved in the
game – the software marks off the matching numbers for you – which leaves you
free to have a good old gossip with the girls and able to share the excitement
if one of you gets close to a win. Alternatively, you could always have a games
night along more traditional lines – getting board games such as Pictionary or
Balderdash out. These kinds of games can be loads of fun if everyone is in the
mood to participate.

If games aren’t your thing, you could always do some beauty treatment swaps.
You can take turns to do manicures and facials or
try out some different hairstyles on each other. It’ll take you back to your
teenage years, especially if you get a couple of favourite movies to have on in
the background and offer everyone a bed for the night so you can spend the
evening in your onesies!

Learn something new

There are so many things that you can teach yourself to do online and cold
winter evenings are the perfect time to learn something new. Perhaps you’ve
always wanted to find out more about a specific subject – such as philosophy –
or you want to pick up the basics for a foreign language before you visit a new
country. Take advantage of all the free online resources to challenge yourself
and perhaps discover a hidden talent. And if you’ve got an intellectually
demanding job which means you don’t feel like thinking hard in the evenings,
there are plenty of crafts and other manual skills you can teach yourself
instead. Pottery, knitting, water-colour painting – take your pick. You can
find out how to do anything online.

Get fit for the summer

Summer may seem like a way off at the moment but, before you know it, you’ll
have to be ready for the big reveal in a bikini or shorts on your summer
holiday. Is your body bikini-ready? If not, you can use these dismal winter
evenings as a time to get fit and toned. Not only will the exercise help you
lose extra pounds, but you’ll also find it mentally uplifting, too. Exercise is
a great way to shake off the winter blues as your body releases endorphins
(happy hormones) into your bloodstream, so you get a natural high after a

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  1. Jenna Lloyd says:

    Great post Lisahh-Jayne!Me and my friends have been having nights in to save money recently. Cooking for each other, playing games and watching movies… it's just like a sleepover but you get your own bed at the end of the night haha!We've talked about doing a Come Dine With Me as well which could be fun…Jenna| | bloglovin' |

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