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2016 Home Trends: What Can We Expect?

March 4, 2016

If redecorating was
one of your New Year resolutions, you’ve picked a great time. More than ever,
we have access to wealth of ideas that can inspire our own interior design
choices. Whether you’re active on sites like Pinterest or Tumblr, or simply
exploring various designs on a blog, home designers are able to convey their
ideas with clarity and give us a beautiful standard to strive for.

Not only this, but it
gives us an idea of what trends will be popular in 2016. Social activity, such
as likes, loves, shares, retweets and all other manner of expressions provide
us with insight into to the tastemakers of 2016, as well as what trends are
resonating with audiences so far this year. So what can we expect?

Clever Storage

Most of us know the
pains of living in compact quarters, so we are forced to come with innovative,
if not sloppy, storage solutions. Nowadays, designers are finding ways to
incorporate furnishings with as much storage potential as possible. Sofas and
tables with multiple compartments are common space savers, whilst also highly
practical for everyday living.

One innovative
approach was thought up by designers Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungen, and has been
dubbed the Blindry. The product functions as regular blinds, but also
folds outwards from a window fixture to become a drying rack. This is just one
example of the simple, yet effective home product design that will be popular
in 2016; anywhere you can buy
contemporary furniture online
should offer at least
one multifunctional product.

Home Technologies

The integration of
consumer electronics into our everyday lives at this point sets a precedent for
a similar revolution in our homes. Whether it’s for the purposes of
entertainment, security, or just easier living, our technologies are becoming
more and more integrated with each other, making their use in a home
environment much more likely.

The most common point
of integration for these technologies will be our smartphones. So far, our
phones have so far been the most popular control-point for existing major home
technologies, such as NFC for locking and opening a front door or controlling
room temperature via an application. Existing platforms such as PC’s and
tablets are the next most utilised, but what form these systems will take in 2016
will depend on the next big technology trends; keep a close eye on those

Recycled Objects

One man’s junk is
another man’s treasure as the saying goes. This stands true in the world of
home decor, with designers looking to utilise everyday objects for practical
use in a variety of innovative ways. For those who love crafts, the idea alone
will be highly appealing, as it will also be to eco-warriors looking to curb
wastage and recycle products.

That pile of old
clothing you’ve been wanting to get rid of? Why not turn it into a comfy throw,
a pillow-case, or even an abstract multi-textured piece of wall art. There’s
plenty of inspiration for
these kind of DIY projects online, so if you’re looking to boost your green
credentials and bag yourself a unique, lovingly hand-crafted home product in
the process, go get researching.

As well as making your house look all pretty, you also want to ensure that your property is safe. There’s nothing like the peace of mind that your property is safe, allowing you to relax and really enjoy your home. My flat comes with all sorts of keys but to keep on top of them I have a locked key box from Fast Keys that ensures I don’t lose any of them!

Better Beds

Everyone sleeps
differently, so why should we all have the same kind of bed? 2015 brought us a
huge range of innovative solutions for our sleeping setups, whether you’re
incapacitated, or simply love the luxury of a soft mattress, getting your
sleeping situation sorted should be a priority. 2015 also saw the rise of
designer beds, such as
Sleigh beds and Four Poster beds, and we can expect this trend to continue throughout the year.

Most people just need
more comfort and support when they sleep, which is why I would recommended the
Tempur range of mattresses and toppers; these famous bedding products were
developed by NASA to support astronauts during spaceflight, so provided you
don’t live next to a Launchpad, you’ll be guaranteed a comfortable night’s

Industrial Metallic

Industrial and metallic
are somewhat contrasting looks, but are born from the same concept so I thought
it would be best to include them both as one trend. The difference is in the
appearance; metallic objects are usually reflective and consist of clean golds,
silvers and coppers, whilst the industrial style is often much more worn,
consisting of washed-out metallic grays akin to a warehouse.

This helps create a
sense of mechanical purpose and strength in industrial design, whilst metallic
design is made to appear much more delicate. Metallic design grew significantly
in popularity over the course of 2015. Not only does it create a sophisticated
design aesthetic, but it also reflects light around a home environment making
it appear brighter, bigger, and more beautiful than ever.

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