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The Diner Covent Garden

April 20, 2016

I’ve seen so many people talking about The Diner before, it seems like it’s got bit of a cult following around London. I’d never been to one before, but after hearing everyone raving about the food I decided I had to make a visit on my last London trip.

The Diner has 8 different locations, but Chris and I visited the Covent Garden branch back in January before we went to see Kinky Boots. I love diner type restaurants, mostly because I have a complete love affair when it comes to burgers. Fun fact, when I was about 11 I decided I wanted to write a book reviewing burgers, and would take a little notepad out with me to write notes on every burger I had. I was a pretty cool kid. 

On first impressions of The Diner I absolutely loved everything about how it looked. It was full of cute little booths, they had mugs with their logo on, and even the typography on the menus pleased me. I think I spent a good five minutes just admiring how the menu was designed before I even thought about what I wanted to order. When I finally took a look at the menu I decided I couldn’t come to a diner without ordering a milkshake, and ordered the Oreo one, while Chris ordered a Camden Pils beer. Once my shake arrived I immediately regretted it because it was huge! It’s one of those super thick shakes where you get extra come with it so you can top it up. Delicious, but probably not the best idea if you want to eat a lot of food. 

When it came down to the food I got pretty excited to see that there was the offering of gluten free rolls on the burgers, so yay for those with intolerance’s to still be able to have a burger! I ordered the BBQ chicken burger in a gluten free roll, which is made up of chicken, pulled chicken, slaw, mayo and BBQ sauce and a portion of sweet potato fries. Chris picked the Arch burger, which is a normal cheese burger topped with pulled pork, and a portion of cheese fries. 

Wow was the food amazing. We both ended up having to do the eating our burgers with the knife and fork thing as they were just so huge to try and eat! The sweet potato fries were perfectly crispy and fluffy at the same time. And after all of the food, and my giant milkshake, we were pretty stuffed afterwards. 

I think The Diner certainly lived up to all the raving reviews I’d heard about it, and I’m sure I’ll be making a repeat visit on my next trip into London!

Have you been to The Diner before? What did you think?

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