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25 Before 25 Update #2

June 8, 2016

A long long long time ago, when turning 25 seemed like a far distant future I set myself 25 things I wanted to do before I turned 25. A few months ago I looked back on these goals, and now I actually am 25 I thought I’d look back on these again to see if I managed to achieve everything I wanted to before I was 25. 

1- Move Out

Yes! Last year I flew the nest and moved out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend, which I’m glad I did before I was 25, I couldn’t imagine living at home now!

2- Buy a House

By the time I was 25 I wanted to have bought somewhere rather than be renting, and while I didn’t buy a house, I did buy a flat 

3- Buy a New Car

I wanted to final retire my knackered old KA, and in October it finally blew up giving me a reason to buy my shiny red Toyota Aygo which I love! It’s so nice to have a car that doesn’t feel like it’s going to blow up

4-Read 30 Books

Reading used to be a big passion of mine, and in recent years I’ve fallen out of love with it somewhat. I wanted to read 30 books by the time I was 25, but I actually only managed 23

5- Visit New York Again

New York is my favourite place and I’d love to go back, sadly I’ve not been able to save up any money to do so. Hopefully in the next few years I’ll be able to!

6- Visit Disneyland Paris Again

Likewise I love Disneyland and went for my 21st birthday with Chris and wanted to persuade him to go back, but the whole buying a flat thing took away from our holiday money

7- Become a Chartered Marketer

This is another big thing I want to do, but money has put me off doing it. Maybe in the future!

8 -Save Up Some Money

Well I did save up some money, but then I bought a flat. Then I saved up some more, then my car blew up. So really I’m back at square one with this one again!

9 -Start Planning Towards a Masters Degree

When I first set these goals I was sure I wanted to do a masters degree and start planning towards it, but since then I’ve given up with the idea of this one. Personally I don’t think it’s something I really need for my career, and becoming a chartered marketer would probably be a much better use!

10 -Lose 5 Stone

Weight has been a big issue for me for a long time now, and I’ve spent so many years trying to lose it. When I first set this goal I did actually lose a stone and a half, but then put it back on. I’ve since then lost half a stone with Slimming World. I’ve always been slow with weightloss, but I’ll get there 

11 – Visit More Museums 

This isn’t something I’ve really done, which is a shame. I’ve had the odd trip to the History or Science museum in London, but nothing dead exciting

12- Grow My Hair

I go through such a phase with my hair, growing it and cutting it. It’s currently at the funny in between length where I’m tempted to cut it all off again, which is probably what I’m going to end up doing

13 – Stop Drinking So Much Diet Coke 

Yupp I’m a Diet Coke addict, and nope I haven’t stopped drinking so much of it. Hey maybe now I’m 25..

14 – Take Up A New Hobby

I still haven’t managed to do this one, but it’s something I want to do, just no idea what to do!

15 – Go For Afternoon Tea

Since I’ve set this I’ve actually done this a good few times! My favourite still has to be at Sugar Junction in Manchester though, I need a trip back just for that

16 – Visit a Spa

I’ve still not visited a spa since I set this goal, really need to organise one with some of my friends!

17 – Donate To Charity Regularly

I’m pleased I’ve managed to do this one. Since my mum’s stroke I’ve been donating when I can to the charity that helped her, and Chris and a friend of mine are doing a tough mudder to raise money for them in August (cheeky link to their just giving page). I’ve also raised money for Dementia UK during a 5K mud run that I did last year, which was horrific

18 – Cut Back on How Much Stuff I Have

I’m a hoarder. Have I stopped doing this? Nope

19 – Visit Amsterdam

For the same reasons I’ve not gone on the other holiday destinations, this sadly hasn’t happened

20 – Stay In A Fancy Hotel For Mine & Chris’s Five Year Anniversary

In Decemeber Chris and I celebrated 5 years together and we wanted to do something nice for it, but we’re poor, so this didn’t happen 

21 – Get It All Out

I originally set this to get over some things that had previously happened, but more things have happened since then. I’m currently on a waiting list to get CBT so that’s a start!

22 –Spend More Time With My Grandparents

Aw this was such a lovely goal to have set, and I’m glad I’ve managed to do this. Since setting this my Granddad has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and had a heart attack in January, so time with him is very precious right now and I make sure I go see him whenever I can

23 – Get Over My Fear Of Planes

I hate planes, hate hate hate planes. And nope I don’t think I’ve managed to get over my fear of this as I still haven’t been on a holiday

24 – Learn To Be Organised

Nope still disorganised. When will I learn

25 – Learn To Sleep

And I’m still a terrible sleeper, I still wake up in the middle of the night or really early and can’t get back to sleep. Hopefully one day I’ll get into a sleep routine!

Well I count that as 7 out of 25…. Not great really is it? Maybe I’ll set some new goals now I’m 25… that I’ll actually stick to!

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