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Payday Wishlist*

June 23, 2016

I love shopping. There’s just something about buying shiny new things that makes me happy. However it doesn’t make my bank balance happy, and once I got my mortgage last year, most of my shopping habits had to slow down. 

While I’m trying to keep an eye on the pennies I often like to add things I really want to buy into a basket, and then just abandon my cart, because I REALLY don’t need another handbag or pair of shoes. But I can still put together wishlists and just look longingly at the items I want to buy. Here’s a couple of things that I’ve been lusting over, and wishing I could buy this payday. 

I’ve got a few weddings and other fancy do’s coming up this summer, so what better excuse is that to buy some new clothes? When it comes to looking for a new dress I had a look through the Phase Eight dresses and found this gorgeous mint green dress, perfect for a summer wedding right? I also spotted this oversized shirt, and this floral top that I can’t say no to.

I’ve also been lusting over some MAC lipsticks lately. When I first discovered MAC I went a little crazy buying lipsticks, but then I calmed down and now I’ve decided I need a few more in my life. I’m currently thinking of Angel, Ramblin’ Rose and Cherish. 

I’ve never been a big fan of huge names, but I’d quite like to buy a few things from the Ted Baker sale. I’m not overly blown away by their clothing range, but their homeware is a completely different story. Since buying my flat I’m forever coming home with new candles or cushions, so why break the habit now? I love the look (and smell!) of their candles and reed diffusers, and this cushion looks like it would make my lounge so cosy.

*Post written via LovetheSales

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