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Pink Clove Clothing

June 22, 2016

For years I hated the label of being plus sized. It made me feel like I was unattractive because I wanted skinny enough, and trying to find clothes that fitted and were flattering on me felt impossible. Instead I would just wear boring, unattractive clothes, in the hope that no one would look at me. I even avoided mentioning the fact I was plus size, or appearing on my blog for fears that the internet would suddenly all gang up on me. Then one day everything changed, being plus sized didn’t mean I should hide away, I didn’t mean I couldn’t be confident in my own skin, and it certainly didn’t mean I was unattractive.

Since I’ve become happy in my own skin, I’ve been wearing more clothes that actually suit me, and I’ve come across some amazing plus sized brands. Lots of high-street brands don’t seem to go past a size 16 (*cough* Topshop and H&M I’m looking at you here), which definitely doesn’t help those bigger than a size 16 feel good about themselves, but luckily there are some wonderful plus sized brands that make beautiful clothes. Lately the guys at Pink Clove, asked me if I wanted to review some of their new range clothes, stocked in a size 16-32.  I’d not tried anything from them before, so I was looking forward to seeing how well their clothes fit, and what they could offer.

One of the first things I picked out to try was this Plus Lizeth Lounge Relaxed Jersey Tee in a size 20. I’m quite a casual person, and you’ll usually find me lounging around in jeans and t-shirts, so I like having a variety of casual clothes. This tee is just that, casual. It’s a dark grey with lighter grey sleeves, and what I like about it the most is that it’s long and comfy. Often you get t-shirts that are quite short, but I like mine long so this one has a big thumbs up from me.

I also picked out this Plus Felice Floral Wrap Dress in a size 20. When I’m not in my comfy t-shirts and jeans, I do like to occasionally dress up, and when I do I love wearing dresses and leggings. This dress particularly spoke to me, because I can be quite a girly girl and love all things floral. The cut on this is incredibly flattening, having a deep v cut, and coming in at the waist, with frilly cap sleeves and coming just above my knees. I absolutely adore this dress, and think it’s completely wearable for summer, and winter with tights and boots. I know I’ll be wearing this a lot, and I’m already planning on wearing it for an afternoon tea date this weekend.

Finally I picked out this Plus Genie Lounge Oversized Boyfriend Slogan T-Shirt also in a sized 20. When I saw this t-shirt I had to laugh, I needed to have it. I’m always talking about how I want to be in bed, and how I need more sleep. This is another great t-shirt that fits really well, and again is long. I’ve been wearing this one a lot, and it’s made a few people laugh when I’ve worn it in the office. 

I’m really impressed with Pink Cloves clothing, especially how well they all fit me. It was hard to pick these three from their new range, because I really liked the look of a lot of their clothes, and now I’ve seen the quality of them I’ll be definitely be making a future order.  It’s great to have found a plus size brand that embrace plus sizes, and not only that, but make gorgeous flattering clothes. I think now I’ve also embraced the fact I’m plus sized, and feel confident about it, I’ll be doing a lot more of these outfit posts! 


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