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The Library Durham

August 21, 2016

A few weeks ago Chris and I were up north visiting family, and meeting our adorable new niece. We took a long weekend break up north, so we had some time to chill out and explore while we were up there. Somewhere we end up always visiting is Durham, a gorgeous city for a walk around and an explore. We usually only pop into Durham for a few hours, but this time we were there for a while and were starting to get a bit hungry. There’s this cute cafe we usually end up at with Chris’s parents, but this time we were looking for something new and different from your usual available chain restaurants, and that’s when we came across The Library. 

The Library is located on one of the main streets of Durham (great description there Lisa…), and from the outside looked like your usual everyday type of pub, but we weren’t looking for anything fancy so decided to give it a go.

We walked in, and as it was a nice day, decided to take a seat outside in this cute garden area, overlooking the river. The outside area was full of plants, fake grass and colourful chairs and there was a real relaxed feel about the place, a perfect place to chill out. 

Chris and I ordered some drinks while we looked over the menu. I was pretty tempted by the range of cocktails they had, but decided to go for a passion fruit, mango and pineapple smoothie instead.

When it came to food it was just as difficult to chose something, with some really tasty sounding dishes available. In the end I went for a mac and cheese and bacon burger, because why decide between mac and cheese and a burger when you can have both?

Chris decided to go for an equally ridiculous sounding burger, a chicken katsu burger, which looked delicious!

The Library was definitely a good find, the food was lovely and it was a quirky little place, and I really enjoyed the funny signs dotted all over the place! Next time we’re up north I think I’ll be popping in here again!

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