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The Princes Trust

August 17, 2016

I have a lot of issues close to my heart, and one is support for young people. I’ve known a lot of people that have ‘lost their way in life’ a little bit, maybe due to poor opportunities in life, or maybe they’ve not had access to the right support they’ve needed in life. It’s a shame, and can be really heartbreaking to see, but maybe if these people had some more support their lives could have been very different.

The Princes Trust are a charity that help young people, between 13 and 30, get into jobs, education and training. The charity is now in it’s 40th year, and was originally founded by the Prince of Wales to help improve the lives of disadvantaged people in the UK. Whether a young person has suffered abuse, or mental health problems, struggles at school or has had problems with the law, or experienced homelessness, The Prices Trust is there to help transform lives. 

Recently The Princes Trust launched a new campaign called Parallel Lives. The idea behind Parallel Lives is to show, as you can see in the video below, that with support and opportunities in life that one life can go in a completely different direction. 

So how can we help The Princes Trust? 

It’s really easy to donate to them, and £12 can give advice and support to a young person who calls the support line. If you’d rather do something else to get involved, The Princes Trust put on a range of challenges, including the London marathon and the Great North Run. There’s also other ways you can get involved, including various volunteering opportunities.

There’s so many young people in the UK that could do with some support or help to receive the best opportunities in life. I really think The Princes Trust are a worthwhile charity to support, and together we can help to transform lives.

Disclaimer – I was contacted to write about this charity, and as I believe in the support they give and think they are a fantastic charity I decided to write about them. I haven’t received any compensation for this post.

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