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Vet’s Kitchen Challenge Update

August 18, 2016

Last month I was contacted by Vet’s Kitchen to see if I’d be interested in taking part in their 30 day challenge to see what my two kitties thought of their food. Now that we’ve finished our 30 day challenge I thought I’d share Jeff and Victors thoughts on the cat food, and if we noticed any differences in them since trailing some new food.

Before we started this trail Jeff and Victor ate your run-of-the-mill usual cat food that you find at any supermarket. Looking into different types of cat food was never really something I considered, mostly because my boys seemed happy with their food choices, and they were never fussy about eating it. However Vet’s Kitchen is different from your usual cat food brand, it’s been developed with a very high meat content that gives your cats over 40% protein, moderated levels of ash and more herbs to aid in urinary tract health and prebiotics for digestive health.

As I mentioned in my first blog post, my kitties have their fair share of medical problems. Their both rescue kitties, and while it’s wonderful to have given them forever homes, they do come with a lot of problems both medical and psychological due to their pasts. Out of the two of them, Jeff probably has more medical problems and he forever seems to be poorly with something, while Victor has really had psychological problems and is a very nervous cat and finds it hard to trust humans. With this in mind I was interested to see how they’d react to the cat food, and if it would help improve their health in anyway.

 For the 30 day trial we had two different types of cat food from Vets Kitchen, Salmon and Chicken, both were suitable for sensitive digestion and packed full of extra vitamins.

So what did the boys think of their new kitty food?

Well I guess they liked it as they couldn’t stop scoffing it, and out of the two they preferred the chicken flavour it seems (but honestly Victor eats anything that’s edible!). The first thing I noticed about this is it smells a lot more than your usual dry cat food, probably because it’s made up of more natural ingredients with a high meat content. However this wasn’t a problem in my household as the bag can be resealed, and we keep our cat food in a cupboard so Victor can’t get to it.

So did I notice a difference in our kitties?

Yes, and quite a big one. Jeff didn’t have any medical issues in the month he had the food, and while that might be a coincidence, he’s been ill for a long time. Both boys also had much shinier smoother coats, Victors especially. And another noticeable difference was how calm Victor seemed. As I’ve mentioned, he’s a very nervous cat and while he’s lived with us for six months now, he still hides and dashes around from us a lot. While eating his new kitty food he seemed a lot calmer, came to us for cuddles and didn’t seem to hide when someone opened the front door. Again this could be a coincidence, but if that’s the case I find it strange timing that they were eating the food as I noticed these changes. And both boys lost weight while eating this food, which is a good thing as well, Victors a little on the chunky side.

Considering I knew nothing about Vet’s Kitchen before we started this challenge, or thought about how food could change my cats appearance and wellbeing, I’m really impressed from this trial. I have two very happy, shiny coated kitties, and who can argue with that? While the food is only slighly more money than the food we were buying before, having tried it out with my boys, I think it’s worth investing in if your feline friends have any problems like mine do. 


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