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Keeping Your Car Safe*

September 1, 2016

It’s been about 8 years now I’ve had my driving licence, and
I like to think I’m a pretty safe driver. Other than a few scrapes and bumps, I’ve
only ever had one car accident, and that was fairly recently and I wasn’t at

I passed my test when I was 17, and my very first car got a
lot of beating up sadly. To be fair, I was a pretty awful driver to start with.
I had no idea about the size of my car, and would often scrape up against
fences and bollards. But I had a pretty old rubbishy car that I didn’t really
care too much about, and I basically ran it into the ground before passing it
onto my brother. I joke about what a rubbish little car this was, but honestly
it was a good safe first car, and it did its job.

My second car was also pretty beaten up. Likewise it was a
second hand car, already cover in scratches and dents from the previous owner,
and I drove it until its sad car death last year. My little KA was getting
pretty old by the time I decided to replace it, I was pretty sure the brakes
weren’t working properly, and as I drove down a lot of country roads to work
and it was approaching winter, I really didn’t feel safe driving in it anymore.
It had also got to the point where I was spending a lot of money on keeping my
car safe, various parts had been replaced numerous times, and I was constantly
checking the oil and water levels because water just kept disappearing from it.
As much as I loved my KA, enough was enough and it just wasn’t worth the money
I’d have to spend fixing it anymore.

My third and current car is in a lot better shape, as I
bought it brand new last year. For the first time ever I had a shiny new car
that I cared a lot more about that any of my previous ones. Not only did I care
a lot about making sure it stayed looking clean and shiny, but I also cared a
lot more about my car safety. As it’s a new car, it’s very unlikely that
anything will go wrong with it just yet, but I like to do regular checks on my
car to make sure that nothing is wrong. I try to at least once a month, go
round and check all my tyres are at the right level, as well as my oil and
water so I can keep a close eye on everything. 

Something else that is of course really important for car safety is car insurance. When I was younger I used to just moan about the cost of my car insurance, and not really care about what it was for, but now I’m older and hopefully wiser, I’m a little more appreciative of what it’s for. In July I had a car accident, not a big one, but someone drove into the side of me because they forgot to look at a junction. It wasn’t major, but my beautiful shiny new car had to be repaired because there was a massive hole in the side of it. Luckily because I had a good car insurance company they sorted it all out, and provided me with a hire car while they fixed it. Without my car insurance this would have cost me a whole lot of money, which really who wants to spend? Now that my little car is back and fully repaired, I’m making sure I definitely do all my little car safety checks! 

*Collaborative post


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  1. Heather Nixon says:

    I'm a learner driver and thankfully learner driver insurance isn't very expensive – just waiting for a test date xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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