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Looking After Your Kitties*

September 9, 2016

Hi I’m Lisa, and I like cats. But we know that by now don’t we?

If you’re a long-term reader of my blog you might have seen two kitties pop up now and then, Jeff and Victor. Both of my boys are rescue cats, and both have had not the nicest of starts to life. These little guys are more than just kitties to me, their my two furry children, and I don’t know how I could cope if anything ever happened to them. And to make sure (touch wood) bad happens to them, there’s a few steps I take to look after them.

First things first, I keep them as indoor kitties. I know keeping cats indoors isn’t for everyone, but for my two it’s essential. Jeff is completely deaf, and for him to go outside wondering could be pretty dangerous, especially as we live near a few busy roads. While Victor can hear, we keep him as an indoor kitty too, just because he doesn’t want to go outside. Victor is an incredibly nervous kitty due to his sad start in life, and he can get very stressed which makes him unwell, so giving him a safe inside space is important to him. It’s not that they’re unhappy stuck inside, we’re lucky to have a little balcony on our flat so they’ve got a small outside space they can sit on.

It’s not just keeping them inside, and looking after them when their ill, looking after them also means making sure their neutered. As my kitties came from shelters, the shelter they were from neutered them both before we adopted them, but even if that wasn’t the case I would have had them both say goodbye to their manly parts anyway. Neutering (and spaying) cats is really important as not only can it help them to behave, but it can stop them from giving birth to too many little ones. While kittens are adorable, there’s a lot of problems with unwanted kittens, which sadly both Jeff and Victor were. 

I volunteer at the cat shelter I adopted the boys from, and the amount of kittens we rescue and take into care that have just been abandoned is shocking. Even worse when owners bring in their cats with kittens because they no longer want them, all because they didn’t get their cats neutered. It’s honestly heartbreaking, and something that could easily be avoided.

Whiskas have put together a series of funny cat videos, called Kitten Kollege, showing adorable kittens learning about things in life. In this particular video their learning about the importance of neutering kittens, and as that’s something I really believe in, I thought I’d share this video.

Although I’m glad I have Jeff and Victor, I’m sad that they had to come from unwanted cat pregnancies. If you have any cats please ensure that they’re neutered! 

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