Ways To Manage Period Cramps*

None of us looks forward to that dreaded
time of the month, when are ovaries are fighting a war, and the smallest tasks
become Sisyphean. Periods are messy, painful and most importantly UNAVOIDABLE.
I have found a few natural remedies that help alleviate the pain. However,
these remedies are only for moderate pain, and if you suffer from symptoms of
PMS, you should consult a doctor immediately.

1. Getting
enough rest

Few of us keep track of our dates and take
adequate steps in the previous week. This is essential, as you need to prepare
and help your body to sustain this loss of blood as well as other hormonal
changes. Ensure that you do not overwork yourself and get eight hours of sleep.
This will work wonders in boosting immunity too, thus preventing you from
falling ill while on your period. Try to reduce the amount of time you spend
working and while you are free, take time to meditate and relax.

2. Eating

Another often ignored factor is diet. While
all of us strive to maintain lean waists and trim physiques, giving the body
the required vitamins and minerals is imperative. Start eating healthier, take supplements, consume
enough calcium and fat. Yes, fat too. Fat boosts immunity and healthy fats from
avocados are known to benefit in weight management too. Getting enough fiber
helps prevent constipation, which is a problem experienced by many women.

3. Exercising

Although it may sound crazy, exercise helps
ease the pain by releasing endorphins- the ‘feel good’ hormone that causes
runners to experience a ‘high’. Indulge in light aerobic
like walking, jogging, dance, or even yoga and see the instant
change in your mood. However, if you indulge in regular weight lifting, give it
a miss. Strenuous activity during your period will only increase pain, and
cause discomfort. Soreness and cramps are not a fun combination.

4. Indulge
in hobbies

Spend this time of the month in leisure and
relaxation. Read your favourite novels, catch up on television shows and
recline on your couch for as long as you need. Another fun way to spend time is
to play free online bingo and
watch your money multiply, and you could possibly treat yourself to a nice
little gift with your winnings.

Remember, the best way to tackle the
discomfort is to pamper yourself, giving your body all the nourishment that it
needs, both emotionally and physically. Stay strong!

*Collaborative Post 

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  1. Heather Nixon
    November 16, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    I find that cozy, comfy clothes and staying away from caffeine help xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

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