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Bills St Albans Makeover

March 7, 2018

Oh I do love going out to eat, and I love it even more when I have friends who like to do the same. My good friend Kate and I like to meet up every few months over good food, and catch up on life, and she first introduced me to Bills in St Albans about a year ago and I was immediately hooked on the pink lemonade and halloumi burgers. Recently Bills has had bit of a makeover, and of course me and Kate had to go check it out.

Kate met me outside of Bills, and as I walked up I could notice the makeover straight away. There’s lots of colourful flowers, lighting around the restaurant name, and a peacock surrounding the door. Once inside the colourful inviting theme continued, with vintage style chairs and sofas, mirrors, frames and chandeliers. While it looked extremely instagramable and brand new, it still very much looked like the old Bills I knew and loved, just a newer, more polished version.

After having a nose around we took a seat in the new seated bar area, and sampled a few of the new cocktails. We had a couple of glasses of prosecco, along with a Hedgerow Fizz, English Country Garden, and a Raspberry & Rosehip Collins. The cocktails were right up my street, and went down very easily.

As well as nattering over cocktails, we also got a chance to try out some of the new nibbles. The whole menu has had a makeover, with an ‘all day’ menu in place of the separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, and Kate and I have already been eyeing up what we’re going to order when we next visit.

We had a chance to try out a few bits from the ‘nibbles and starters’ section, giant olives, spiced nuts, fried halloumi sticks, duck puffs, spicy lamb & beef meatballs, and gratinated prawns. It was all delicious, and we even managed to grab a bowl full of olives to scoff to ourselves.

It was lovely to see how the refurbishment of Bills went and have a sample of the new menu (and cocktails!). I’m excited to go back and try more things from the menu!


All drinks and food was complimentary, but all thoughts are my own. Photos stolen from Kate – see her blog post here.


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  1. @Lucy_Angele says:

    Oooo that’s near me! The makeover makes it look very similar to the Welwyn Garden City one! I love the sound of the halloumi sticks x

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