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My New Flat! The Estate Agent Pictures

April 19, 2018

You might have seen from this blog post that I’ve had bit of a crazy year. In that year, I sold my flat, moved back to my parents, and now I’m in the process of buying (and hopefully completing next week!) on my own new flat. The sale has felt like it’s taken forever, and I’ve already dedicated hours to my Pinterest boards on how I want to decorate the place. While I’m waiting, and crossing my fingers that the sale goes through soon, I thought I’d share the estate agent photos and have a little chat about my decorating plans for my new home.


When I was looking at properties something that was key to me was to live somewhere near things. My old flat was lovely, but it wasn’t near any local shops, wasn’t in the greatest of towns, and the nearest pub was a 20 minute walk away. As I’m going to be living on my own, I wanted to be near local shops, and be able to walk to things rather than drive everywhere. I’ve also never moved far from home, and in fact last time I moved out I was still in the same postcode, and I liked the idea of still being close to the area I grew up in. I’m moving to a small town in Bedfordshire, about 20 minutes away from my parents house so it’s a whole new area for me, without being too far from home so hello to still dropping in on my parents to steal food. My new flat is also in a town centre location, so I’ll be a short walk into town, and having grown up in a village, this is very exciting!

My estate agent is Urban and Rural, and if you’re looking for property in Beds & Bucks I can’t recommend them enough!

Capture 6

Something I loved about the flat was the bathroom, It’s so bright and airy, and even though it’s quite a small room the white tiles make it feel big, and I love the black and white tiles. I debated painting the walls a different colour, but I think I’m just going to keep them white for now. The bathroom is quite small, and a strange shape so there isn’t much storage, and annoyingly my previous bathroom furniture isn’t going to fit. However the bathroom does benefit from a window, so I’m planning to get some pretty boxes to store my toiletries there.

Capture 4

The flat is just a one bedroom, and the size of the room is quite narrow and long, but it’s a decent sized room. On the left hand side as you enter the room the current owners have a large wardrobe, and you can see from the estate agent photo that they’ve put a lot of storage furniture in, and they’ve placed the bed against the wall to maximize the space. The room is a blank canvas, as the majority of the flat it’s been painted magnolia, so there’s lots of opportunities to put my own spin on it. I’ve spent hours on Pinterest and I’m thinking of going with a grey, pink and gold theme for the room, with a pinky grey feature wall as I can’t stand the magnolia. I’m actually buying the bedroom furniture off of the sellers, so I’m thinking of giving it a shuffle around so that the bed is against the wall with the window.

Capture 7

Although it’s a small flat, it has a huge lounge/diner area, which again is very neutral so the perfect blank canvas for decorating. In terms of layout I’ll be keeping the room very much the same as the current owners, I even made sure that I measured that my huge L shape sofa fits in the corner, which it does, just! Decorating wise I’m thinking of going with a grey and yellow theme (can you tell I like grey?), to keep it calm with a hint of colour. The current owners have already painted the back wall grey, so I won’t need to do anything to that for a while! I’m planning on getting the carpet cleaned before I move in, and trying to find a big yellow rug somewhere to brighten up the room. I also want to put lots of pictures up on the walls, as I hate blank space!

Capture 5

From the other side of the lounge you can see it opens up to the kitchen, which I really like that it isn’t a completely separate room, especially if I have guests over I can still talk to them while they sit on the sofa. I’m also buying the dining set off of the current owners, which fits perfectly in that space! The chairs are a little plain, so I’m planning on trying to reupholster them with a brighter fabric.

Capture 3

The kitchen is probably my least favourite thing about this flat. Although it is a great size, with lots of cupboard space, I dislike most things about it. I don’t have a great deal of money, otherwise I would be tempted to rip out the kitchen and start again, so I’m going to have to make do for now. I don’t like the colour of the tiles or the cabinets, and I’ve been researching a lot about painting them rather than replacing them, but I’m a little worried I’d make a terrible job of it! I like that there’s a huge space above the sink, and I’m thinking of hanging a notice board or something there. 94289_8473081_FLP_01_0000_max_600x600

As you can see from the floor plan it’s quite a small space with not a lot of storage, so I’m going to have to get creative with my ideas! Sadly it’s about half the size of my old flat, so I’m not going to be taking a lot of the furniture I had previously, but that always gives me a good excuse for an IKEA trip. I’m looking forward to looking back on this and seeing how my decorating turns out! Fingers crossed for a move date soon.


3 responses to “My New Flat! The Estate Agent Pictures”

  1. Becka says:

    It looks lovely hun! Here’s hoping you’ll be very happy there xxx

  2. Alison Fitt - was Gifford says:

    Looks great Lisa

  3. Lucy says:

    We spoke on Twitter about both having birthdays in May and now I discover you’re moving to Bedfordshire??? My friend moved there and it is so lovely there! Next time I’m visiting her, we’ll have to catch up! x

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