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26 Things I Learnt When I Was 26

July 5, 2018

In May I turned 27, now officially in my late 20’s I should probably start acting like a grown-up, and stop pretending I’m much younger than I am, but hey.

26 was a funny old year for me, I found myself unemployed, single and moving back to my parents’ house, but I also found the job I love and bought a flat all on my own, so it had some ups and downs.

Here are 26 things I learnt when I was 26

  1. Sometimes going backwards in life is necessary to get to where you want to be
  2. I can be a lot stronger than I thought I was
  3. It’s okay to ask for help and admit you have a problem
  4. Going to therapy is one of the best things I’ve ever done
  5. You can’t convince anyone to stay in your life if they don’t want to be
  6. Being single for the first time in nearly 10 years isn’t that awful and in fact,
  7. I actually prefer my own company
  8. Heartbreak is awful, and sadly takes a long time to get over, but you will be okay again
  9. Sometimes people you thought were good friends, can betray you
  10. During your darkest times, your true friends are the ones who pick you up
  11. Running away to another country won’t solve anything, the same issues will be there when you come back
  12. Sometimes people you meet off of dating sites are very strange people
  13. Sometimes people you meet off of dating sites will become some of your closest friends
  14. Selling flats can be stressful
  15. Buying flats can be stressful
  16. Scrap that, living with your parents with two cats that live in your bedroom is stressful
  17. Moving house twice in under a year is extremely stressful
  18. But I’m excited to live alone because I can paint my bedroom pink and eat cake for dinner if I want to
  19. I am rubbish at painting and decorating
  20. Wine that costs £5 is actually not that great, however, it will get you drunk
  21. Don’t drink a whole bottle of wine before you go out
  22. Also don’t do tequila shots, they are always a terrible idea
  23. Also unlimited prosecco brunch isn’t a great idea, and you shouldn’t try and find out how much you can drink
  24. I’m actually getting older and really can’t deal with hangovers anymore, and would much prefer a night in
  25. There isn’t much that a good cup of tea and a chat with your friends won’t solve


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