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Don’t Get Locked In Leighton Buzzard

July 10, 2018

I love a good challenge, and recently I was invited along with a few other local bloggers to try something different, an escape room called Don’t Get Locked In, based in Leighton Buzzard. I’ve done a few different escape rooms before, and their always so much fun, and being new to the area of Leighton Buzzard, I was keen to know more about the local area, especially as I’m still finding my way around!

If you are new to the idea of escape rooms, there’s a pretty simple idea behind it. You’re locked in a room and are given one hour to solve the challenge and escape. Throughout the game, you uncover things that give you clues on how to escape, and if you don’t make it out in time, you’re locked in.

When we arrived Cathy told us the story of how she set up Don’t Get Locked In. She was on holiday with her family when they came across an escape room and decided to give it a try. They enjoyed it so much that they decided to go to a second one on their next holiday, and from there Cathy came up with the idea to start her own. Cathy was already self-employed and has dedicated her days to running the experience, while her husband came up with the main theme and the majority of the puzzles. You can tell how passionate about this Cathy is, she was full of knowledge on the subject, and the history around the idea. I’d spoken to Cathy a few times already on Twitter, but in person, she was so welcoming and friendly and enthusiastic about the escape room.


The escape room is based on World War II-era Bletchley Park, so all of the props and the plot are based on this theme. The game itself I found quite a challenge, and my team and I worked really well together, although there were a few times we were completely stuck and found ourselves trying to find anything, going through all the props and even trying to look under glued down rugs! Luckily for us, there was a tablet in the room and if you were stuck you could press a button for a clue. With the clues there is a ranking system, if you make it out using fewer clues then you can place in Gold, then Silver, and Bronze. My group were determined to make it out using as little clues as possible, but about halfway through we abandoned that idea.

Unfortunately, we got locked in, but only just! If we had another 10 seconds we would have worked it out which was frustrating. Once Cathy let us out of the room she explained to us how we could have solved the last puzzle and we were all so annoyed at how we missed it! Throughout the game, the puzzles varied in difficulty, and Cathy told us that actually only under 50% of people escape, so at least it wasn’t just us!

Don’t Get Locked In was a truly enjoyable experience, and was definitely something different to do that got you thinking. You can book for up to 6 people for a session, so it’s a great idea for families, friends or team building. See if you can work out how to escape! I was locked in with some other local bloggers, Keri from Try Everything Once, Amanda from Amanda Alston, and Charlotte from Bonvoychar.


* I was invited to take part in the Don’t Get Locked In experience free of charge, but all views are my own. Photographs are supplied and taken by Don’t Get Locked In.


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