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4 Ways to Finance your Fashion Obsession*

August 1, 2019

Different things obsess different people and if you can’t get enough of fashion and need to find ways to keep looking good every day, you’re probably in need of ways to fund it too.

Clothes reveal a lot about who we are at any given time, as well as just making us feel good about life in general. Here are 4 ways to finance your fashion obsession so you never have to worry about finding the money to keep refreshing your wardrobe again.

Take out a loan

If the unexpected happens and you find yourself in desperate need of new clothes then you’ll need to find some cash – and fast. You never know what life will throw up and whether you need a new wardrobe after dealing with a disaster at home, or for a career change that requires a fresh look, then a short-term loan could be the answer. Don’t walk into it lightly, and make sure you get a good deal with a fair interest rate and most importantly of all, check you can afford to repay it back on time.

Grow your income

Whether you’re at college, uni or already working, there are other ways you can get your hands on more money to feed your fashion obsession. From getting an evening, part-time or weekend job to increase your income, to setting up a little buying and selling business on sites like Depop, the world’s your oyster. Alibaba let you buy well-made accessories and clothes directly from vendors in China in bulk that you can mark-up and sell to customers. Before you know it you’ll have set up a little empire and you’ll be able to buy all the clothes you want, when you want.

Get creative

Some of the best fashion ideas have come from people getting creative at home and starting trends based on making, or altering, their own outfits. Whether you use a bit of bleach and sandpaper to distress an old pair of jeans you haven’t worn in ages, or just cut them down and fray the edges for a hot summer look, there’s plenty you can do for not a lot of money. Who knows, it might bring out the designer in you and before you know it you’ll be making your own accessories and clothes to sell that will give you the dough to spend on more clothes.

Find sponsorship

Brands and labels know the power and value that comes with having a loyal Instagram following and they are more than happy to sponsor anyone they think will get them out in-front of thousands of eyes. If you have a good number of followers then why not reach out to some of your favourite brands and send them some well-taken pics of you wearing their clothes. As long as you present yourself in the right way, keep growing numbers and show you are always on trend they will soon become interested in sending you free clothes to promote for them.

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