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About me

Lisahh-Jayne is written by myself, Lisa, your average 20 something girl who one day found she had far too much makeup and free time on her hands. When I’m not typing away about my life on the internet, I can be found working away in the marketing world, drinking millions of cups of tea, or following cats around and questioning why they won’t love me back (I’m not crazy I promise).

I originally started Lisahh-Jayne in 2011 during my first year of university as I had a lot of free time, and I fancied procrastinating from my workload. At the time Lisahh-Jayne was started as a beauty blog, after years of reading blogs and watching YouTube videos I wanted to join in. Over time Lisahh-Jayne has developed to talking about my love of food and talking about restaurants I’ve enjoyed eating in, to adventures of buying my first home in 2015 and my decorating plans, the two cats I’ve adopted, and recently my latest adventure of becoming a parent in 2019. I like to think of Lisahh-Jayne as my little online diary, and a way to document the adventures I like to have!


All products mentioned are products that I have purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise. I will always declare if a product has been sent to me for review purposes, and all reviews will be completely honest and will be marked with a * symbol. From time to time you may see ‘sponsored posts’ pop up, and these likewise will always be stated. I like to believe I’m an honest person, and no sponsored posts or products sent for review will be without disclosure. Lisahh-Jayne is my little corner of the internet where I can ramble away, and no one judges me for the ridiculous amount of money I spend on makeup. Enjoy!


Lisahh-Jayne is your average 20-something who writes about her life on the internet. Enjoy!